Antioxidants WHAT...???

Let's talk about antioxidants:

As we get older our skin gradually loses its elasticity and thins out. This is part of the skin's natural aging process. However, variety of external factors can cause the skin to start aging at an accelerated rate. A big part of this "premature skin aging" is a result of free radical activity in the body. Free radicals are formed at the cellular level when skin is exposed to environmental stressors, such as ultraviolet light, pollution, tobacco smoke.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that may provide protection against the effects of damaging free radicals on the cells in your body, including your skin.

Plants produce antioxidants to protect themselves from ultraviolet light from the sun and the reactive oxygen species generated during photosynthesis. It is these same antioxidants–vitamins, polyphenols, carotenoids, in plants that our body can use to protect us from the free radicals.

There are dozens of ingredients, naturally rich is antioxidants that we use in Herbs and Butters Skincare products, just to name a few:

Coenzyme Q10 – potent antioxidant that also stimulates the circulation and boosts cellular oxygenation. Look for Coenzyme Q10 in our Q10 Facial Serum.

Vitamin E – antioxidant known to promote the softening and moisturizing of the skin and improves the barrier repair function. Vitamin E helps slow down the oxidation process of botanical oil. Look for Vitamin E on all our facial and body products.

Sea Buckthorn Oil – additional to help to fight free radicals, sea buckthorn is known to improve skin barrier function and repair and regenerate skin cells. Find sea buckthorn oil in our Q10 Facial serum, Raspberry moisturizing cream and Jojoba moisturizing cream.

Visit our product’s pages to learn more about their benefits to your skin!

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