Can you use a skincare facial product on your body and vice versa?

It happens that we buy, for example, a facial moisturizer that did not meet our expectations. Can we use it as a body lotion instead of tossing it into the garbage?

Are facial and body skincare products interchangeable?

Facial and body skincare products are designed based on the specific area of the skin (body vs. face) and the main age-related issues this area encounters.

The difference between the products formulated for facial and body skin results from the following differences:

  • Skin thickness - facial skin is thinner than the rest of your body, with the periorbital skin around your eyes among the thinnest.

  • The concentration of sebaceous glands - much higher on facial skin. These glands are responsible for producing oil. Thin, the gland-abundant face is far more sensitive and fickle than your body.

  • Chronological and environmental skin aging - process occurs all over our body and face, triggering skin thinning, lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, decrease in firmness, and increase in sagginess as well as skin dehydration. However, this process is much more prominent on the facial skin, which is more gentle and more exposed to the environment.

Therefore, face lotions are more focused on pores, dark spots, oiliness, wrinkles, and are rich in active ingredients, while body products tend to have less sophisticated ingredients and focus more on moisturizing.

An eye cream may have sufficient ingredients to produce effects on this thin and delicate skin but their concentrations may not be sufficient to improve thicker body skin. On the other hand, the thick body care formulas can irritate and clog your pores, leading to breakouts of your facial skin.

Keeping this in mind, you can use the non-efficacious facial moisturizer on your body.

BUT I wouldn't recommend the other way around!

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