Can Your Skin Get Used to Products?

You start using a new skincare product and right away you can see the results on your skin. But after a while you slowly start to feel that the product isn’t as effective as it used to be. Did the product stop work? Is this product no longer effective? Is your skin bored with this product? For almost all skincare products, the answer is NO. Your skin doesn’t have the mechanism to become immune to the effects of skincare products. When you apply a product, your skin’s receptors will take it in, and it will go to work immediately to perform its function, regardless for how long you have been using it. However, you are correct in what you are seeing. When you start using a new product, it fixes what was bothering you and then it hits a visible plateau. This means that over time, even though the product is still working, the visible improvements may be more difficult to notice. What product is now doing, is maintaining your skin condition and prevent this concern from reappearing. For example, if you suffer from dry and flaky skin. An application of a proper moisturizer delivers an immediate results. Your skin instantly feels hydrates, soft and smooth. As you keep using this product, there may less improvement in level of hydration after two months of product application than there is after one week. Skin cells reach a ‘steady state”—which is an actual biochemical term—where system level (in this example skin’s hydration) maintained at a constant concentration after an initial surge. Your perception that your product stopped working is a phycological, because often forget how we started and we get used to seeing ourselves after the product has done its initial job. If you want to observe a continual, gradual changes – take a periodic pictures of your skin 📸. #organicbeauty #herbsandbutters #antiaging #buylocal #madeincanada #skinnutrition #skincare #skincareroutine #healthyskin #skincareproducts #nontoxicskincare

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