Here's How Your Skincare Routine Should Change in Cooler Weather.

These day we, in Manitoba, are experiencing an Indian summer, which is awesome. But we are already into a transition season into fall and winter. Days start to get shorter and temperatures drop closer to 0 overnight. You may begin to notice some changes on your skin. Your skin might feel tight or appear drier than usual, or, if you are acne-prone, maybe your pimples are more inflamed than ever. There is no doubt that the weather can have a direct impact on your skin.

During Fall and Winter, humidity drops so our skin has to work harder to maintain adequate hydration. Severe cold, strong winds, heating of indoor spaces cause our skin lose moisture, resulting in disrupted skin barrier, making it more susceptible to inflammation that might turn to skin conditions, such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

[Clinical study conducted in University of Copenhagen has shown that seasonal changes affect skin at a cellular level. By the use of high magnification, they showed that the skin cells suffer from shrinkage and therefore change their surface.]

To ensure that your skin remains in good health you need to maintain consistency in your skin complexion. This means that, with the changing weather, you may need to adjust your skincare routine and adopt new methods to protect the skin barrier from breaking down due to extreme temperature changes. The same way you change your clothes😊.

It is recommended to implement more emollient and moisturizing products such as layering an oil-based serum underneath your moisturizer that supports the skin barrier — making it more resistant to drier conditions. Include a water-based serum in your routine to add more hydration to your skin. It is very important to extend your hydration routine to your body, hands and lips. Other recommendations include use of humidifier, avoiding long hot showers and do not overheat indoor spaces.

I would hearing back from you. Message me if you have any questions about the article or about how you should be winterizing your skin.

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