How my experience in university is helping me today?

That's me and this picture was taken June 2013 at the sewage treatment plant at Village of Dunnottar, a small community near Lake Winnipeg. Back then I was an undergrad chemistry student, and I was working with a group of students on a project of water samples collection and identification of common pollutants in wastewater.

During my undergrad studies, I took a number of courses in environmental chemistry so participating in this project was a great educational experience.

Many small to medium size municipalities do not have fancy wastewater treatment plants like big cities and rely on wastewater treatment lagoons for domestic wastewater treatment. The purpose of these lagoons to remove suspended solids and some microelements from the water.

In the picture, I’m wearing waterproof waders.

To collect water samples we had to enter into the lagoon up to our waist. Yuck… 😝

Now, to our findings: I was surprised by the chemicals and their concentration we have identified.

Well, not really surprised, but reading about it in the literature versus seeing numbers that came from wastewater I collected, was shocking.

BTW – the water from this treatment lagoon is streaming into Lake Winnipeg.

Overall such sewage treatment systems are not too efficient in removing pathogenic microorganisms, phosphorus and nitrogen, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and organic matter. These pollutants originated from industrial household activities, factories, agriculture, and transportation. They accumulate in the environment and impact the biological food chain.

Guess who is at the top of the food chain? WE Are!

Having this knowledge helped me create a standard for raw material selection for Herbs and Butter Skincare.

Biodegradability of the raw materials is the very first requirement when formulating a new product. We use only renewable raw materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

End-user safety and safety for the environment are at the top of our priority.

Thank you for reading this long post🤗🤗🤗

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