Preservatives are some of the most controversial ingredients in skincare, but why

️There is a general misconception that preservatives are not only unnecessary but potentially harmful.

️Some preservatives are indeed suspected to be harmful. But there is a variety of synthetic and natural, effective preservatives on the market.

Here is why preservatives are necessary:

Skincare products are preserved to keep you safe. No matter how sterile the manufacturing space and packaging are, as soon as water is introduced into a formulation - bacteria, fungi, and yeasts growth is inevitable.

Every time you interact with a product you introduce it to microbial life.

Natural products tend to be even more prone to microbe growth than conventional ones. Your skin may love plant extracts, but unfortunately, so does bacteria.

️At the end of the day, skincare products need to be safe to use during their full shelf life and the only way that’s possible is preservation.

So, all products need preservatives?

Not all products need preservatives. Water-free products such as balms, oil-based serums and dry face masks do not necessarily require a preservative. However, any formula that incorporates water or water soluble ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, needs a preservative.

What about Preservative-Free Claims

If product’s label states product as “preservative-free” and it contains water OR you find water on the ingredient list, but no preservative - either manufacturer doesn’t know what they are doing or they are not fully transparent about ingredients.

We, in Herbs and Butters Skincare, include natural preservatives in all our water-based products AND we packaged our products in contact-free packaging.

So YOU can safely enjoy your products during their shelf life.

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